Would you like to work with Mind Over Batter? I would love to represent your brand! Below are some services I provide which can help spread the word about your company’s great products!

RECIPE DEVELOPMENT: As you may have concluded from perusing Mind Over Batter, I love developing unique, but user-friendly recipes with easy to find ingredients. I would love to create a recipe for your company or brand featuring your products. The recipes can be featured on Mind over Batter or can be used for your own publications or promotional use.

SPONSORED POSTS/SOCIAL MEDIA SHARES: I would love to discuss writing sponsored content or sharing news about your brand, so long as it’s a good fit for my readers.

GIVEAWAYS: Giveaways are super fun and I love them! If I feel your product or service would be something my readers will love, I can host a giveaway. This would include a blog post and several social media shares to help promote the giveaway.

CONFERENCE ATTENDANCE: I would love to represent your company/brand at a blog or food related conference! I can share my experiences at these events with my readers on social media and blog posts.

BRAND AMBASSADORSHIPS: I would love to represent your brand, product, or service through the development of a brand ambassadorship relationship. Please reach out to discuss how Mind Over Batter can assist your brand or company achieve its goals.  

Brand disclosures: Per FTC guidelines, bloggers are required to disclose whenever money is exchanged for a post. I always want to be transparent and honest with my readers and how I may make money from this website, therefore, I will always disclose my partnerships with companies or brands. I feel honesty and transparency are essential to my brand. If your company or brand is a good fit, I am more than excited to work with you!

If you’d like to discuss partnership opportunities or have any other inquires, please contact me via my contact page or you can email me at mindoverbatterny@gmail.com