German Chocolate Cake Doughnuts

I had a headache for 4 straight days before I decided to do something about it. It felt like I was repeatedly stabbed by an invisible torture master holding an icepick, who for “funsies” periodically pierced the inside of my right ear. All day… All night… All ouch, all the time.

I, of course, panicked (4 days later) – And thought it was an aneurysm, certain to drop dead into a bowl of corn chowder. My mom didn’t make it easier suggesting I request an MRI because yes, it might be an aneurysm.


The mere fact that I might be thisclose to meeting my maker put everything in alarming perspective. While I silently hoped someone would have the decency to pull corn kernels out my nose should said horrible death occur, I called my Dr. demanding an appointment.

Stress level raised to the breaking point, I sat in the waiting room chewing my cuticles away and mentally making out my last will and testament. I silently bequeathed my shoes, handbags, and Garbage Pail Kid sticker collection to my daughter. My son gets the action figures and my wedding dress, which he requested at a mere 5 years of age.

The Dr. finally calls me in. I explain my symptoms, ending with, “It’s not an aneurysm is it? I’m not going to drop dead in here am I?” He gave me a look that’s a mixture of pity and amusement before he pats my hand and says, “No, it’s not an aneurysm, but it could be ricketts”

“Ricketts?! Don’t pirates get ricketts?”

He gave me the part amusement, part pity look again and says, “No, that’s scurvy. And I swear if it weren’t for his upbringing, he would have called me a dumbass.

Turns out I had a sinus infection, my first, which was relieved by a round of antibiotics and corticosteroids. I feel better, but I’ve felt loads guilty for not writing for so dang long. Gosh, I missed you… Missed this space…

Sooo… I brought you German chocolate cake doughnuts, and doughnut holes slathered in coconut pecan frosting.

I used the chocolate cake doughnut recipe, and German chocolate frosting from Lara Ferroni’s book Doughnuts, which has become one of my favorite cookbooks. It’s got butter marks and oil splatters all over it – And maybe a smudge or two of chocolate and doughnut dough. Yea, I get all touchy-feely with my books.

I cut and fried about 4 doughnuts before I had the grand idea of making doughnut holes instead. Mistake or genius? You be the judge…

The dough is chocolaty; but not overwhelmingly so, imparting a very subtle cocoa flavored doughnut. The frosting… Well, that’s a whole ‘nother deliciously delicious talk show. If you make them, just make sure some frosting actually makes it to the doughnuts. Give your hips a chance to breathe a sigh of relief.

I went the fried route, because my mind couldn’t wrap itself around baked doughnuts that day. Plus I figure why just stick your toe in water, making it all healthy and whatnot? Dive in, dude…

Dive in…!



P.S. As you can see, I didn’t post the recipe. I didn’t reach out to Lara in time to ask; but when I do, and she gives me the OK, I will post it with my adaptations. In the meantime, buy the book! For serious…

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