Ode to Dulce De Leche

Ode to Dulce De Leche {}

I wish to address something. Finally. Before you roll your eyes and go “Another Dulce De Leche recipe??!!” Allow me to explain.

I use dulce de leche a lot.


I do.

Here’s the deal-e-yo – Dulce de leche is my weakness. Well, Dulce De Leche and a Benicio Del Toro Idris Elba Sandwich.  If Benicio and Idris were doused in dulce de leche I wouldn’t know HOW to act. It’s a good thing that hasn’t happened yet. But a chick can dream, right?

There. It’s out.

I’m weak for for dulce de leche.




Just look at it all creamy and whatnot.

Ode to Dulce De Leche {}

What is dulce de leche?

Glad you asked homeslice. Dulce de Leche is a confection, a combination of milk and sugar slowly cooked to delicious caramelized perfection. There’s a lot of stirring involved. It’s worth it.  If you’ve ever wondered what the Maillard Reaction is, look no further than a slow cooking pot of dulce de leche.

Ode to Dulce De Leche {}

I weaken at the site of it. More often than not you can find me hiding in a corner spooning dulce de leche in my mouth. I do my best thinking hiding from my family as I get my caramelized milk and sugar fix. It’s real. And this is why I make so many desserts with it. Otherwise mounds of dulce de leche end up in my mouth and travel to my ever-expanding Dominican hips where they linger for life. Making recipes is my way of getting rid of dulce de leche before it causes anymore damage.

No more talkin’ – Here I bring you my favorite Dulce De Leche recipes.

Are you down?


I know its winter and all, but we’re going to start with an ice cream situation. Did you know cinnamon and dulce de leche are a match made in heaven?

You didn’t? Now you know.

This Cinnamon Ice Cream with Dulce De Leche Swirl is where it’s at.

Ode to Dulce De Leche {}

How about these Banana Walnut Dulce De Leche Chip Cookies? It’s a mouthful, alright – But these soft baked cookies have dulce de leche mixed into the dough for a caramel goodness you need to taste to believe.

Banana Walnut Dulce De Leche Chip Cookies {}

What happens when you sandwich dulce de leche between two soft baked brownie cookies?

Mind.Blown. That’s what.

Brownie Sandwich Cookies w Dulce De Leche Filling {}

And you’re not serious about dulce de leche unless it oozes out of a molten chocolate cake.

Molten Chocolate Cake with Dulce de Leche Filling {}

Go on, stop what you’re doing. Resistance is… Maaaaan, you already know.


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