Manic Monday

Manic Monday

Hey peeps, welcome to Manic Mondays!

I dread Mondays.

Are you anything like me?

Do you dread Mondays?

Every Monday morning my eyes open and I lie in bed for at least 15 minutes pondering my situation.

Ugh. Do I HAVE to exercise today?


Do I HAVE to go to work?


Why am I NOT independently wealthy?

Because I have NO business acumen, that’s why. I lack a certain level of shrewdness inherent in business peeps who are now sunning their asses aboard their yacht.

I kick off my covers, cursing the billionaire in said yacht who probably JUST MADE another million dollars by breathing in salty air.

I hate you billionaire.

I start my day.

Manic Mondays will be a weekly hang out situation where I’ll share my crazy thoughts. I’ll also share recipes posting this week, in addition to past favorites.  Because… Sometimes it’s good to revisit the past.

You are free to share your thoughts in the comments section or on my Facebook page. Let’s keep the conversation going. Just don’t get nasty, because I love nasty people. The internet gives me time to think before responding. This means I’ll f*** with you and you won’t like it. So keep it nice, k?

Why the title Manic Mondays?

Well – For as long as I can remember, On Mondays I wake up singing that little tune by The Bangles in my head.


It’s not very profound, I know. It’s cheesy, but I’m also hella cheesy… So. Yeah. There’s that.

Let’s talk about how Thanksgiving is T-minus 10 days away. Are you ready? I’m mostly ready. I’m hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, wearing leggings; just in case I throw caution to wind that day. I don’t want a button popping off and hitting someone in the eye.

I’m roasting a turkey sized chicken and pork shoulder the size of a baby pig. Latinos loves them some pork shoulder. I haven’t quite decided on sides yet. Rest assured there will be a rice situation. Maybe this cilantro lime chickpea salad which is not very Thanksgiving-y, yet is always popular.

Cilantro Lime Chickpea Salad {}

Dessert is where I shine. I’m going for indulgent in mini form. Plus the presentation of mini desserts is always pretty.

These no bake Kahlua cheesecake shooters have a cheesecake base of cocoa powder and Kahlua liquor. I’ve been known to squeeze the piping bag into my mouth.

No Bake Kahlua Cheesecake Shooters {Mind Over Batter}

For those not into Kahlua I’m offering up banana foster cheesecake shooters . The dulce de leche cheesecake filling alone will incite a riot.

Banana Fosters Cheesecake Shooters {}

I don’t know about you, but a dessert table should ALWAYS have Nutella. Because it’s like crack. You should always serve a lil’ something cracky. Yeah. I said it. I’m currently obsessed with baking little cups to hold my fillings in. These half-baked Nutella cheesecake bites will have ‘em knocking down your door.

Half Baked Nutella Cheesecake Bites {}

No latino holiday situation is complete without flan. To end the night I’m serving the family famous pumpkin cheesecake flan. It’s flan, pumpkin, and cream cheese rolled into one. That situation is the original triple threat.

Pumpkin Flan {}

The booze will be hella tight this year. 4 cocktails, so I hope someone’s been designated as the driver. Good thing I’m already home, right?

Orange Mint Tequila Cocktail. I feel the orange zest takes the orange simple syrup up a notch. Plus. Tequila.

Orange Mint Tequila Cocktail {Mind Over Batter}

This bright and zippy lemon lime rum jammy.


The very festive cranberry mojito .

Cranberry Mojito {}

This brand spankin’ new raspberry ginger situation I’ve been hoarding since September – For no apparent reason.

raspberry ginger cocktail {}

I’ve shared. Now it’s your turn, homies… What are you having this Thanksgiving?




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