Weather, Strawberries, Mood and Perspective

I’ve given loads of thought to the weather lately. Ok, not the weather, but the verbs used to describe the weather; partly sunny, mostly cloudy… Seriously, doesn’t it mean the same thing? If it doesn’t, how do meteorologists know the difference?  Who determines which verbs to use?

As I gave this more and more thought, I’ve come to a conclusion: It’s a matter of perspective; that perhaps these verbs are used based on how the meteorologist views the world on that specific day. This brings me to my very next point (point being a matter of perspective since I may not have an actual point).

Last week I tried my hand at homemade Klondike bars. Given that it’s been a gajillion degrees out, it was tough to pull off. I ended up with vanilla soup covered in chocolate goo. It wasn’t a happy day. I got all sulky; a mood best described as mostly cloudy, chance of rain.

As I lay down to sleep that night, I thought of all the things I’ve made so far and my mood changed from mostly cloudy to partly sunny. I wasn’t a total failure. I then gave further thought to strawberries and all the kinda cool things I’ve made with them. Well the clouds just parted and my mood changed from partly sunny to not a single cloud in the sky.

See, it’s all a matter of perspective… I’ve made some cool stuff, plus I have a love of strawberries that is usurped when and only when a mango is shoved in my face. Positive mood changer… For serious…

Let’s keep our moods in perspective, shall we?

Strawberry banana smoothie – Delicious as a snack, breakfast, or for when you’re on the go. Freeze your fruit in a zip-lock bag and when you’re ready for a smoothie, just blend and drink – No ice needed! Mood status: Sunny smooth

Chocolate mousse stuffed strawberries -Look fancy pants without even breaking a sweat. Mood status: Country Club Fancy Pants Sunny

Strawberry sherbet – Cooking the strawberries brings out its fruitilicious flavor; spend an afternoon spooning sherbet into eagerly awaiting taste buds.  Mood status: Summer Breeze Floppy Hat Sunny

Mini Strawberry Short cakes – Made with cooked strawberries and pound cake. A twist on the ways of old and as delicious as it sounds. Yea…That just blew your mind… Mood status: Mind Blowing Sunny

Strawberry Mint Mojitos –I just made these, I know – but they must be shared… Because it’s still summer, and you just need to get that summer drink on. Mood status:  Tipsy Sunny

Now go on – Disperse them clouds and let the sun shine in. Keep it in perspective….




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