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Embrace Your Summer Lush with 14 Boozy Cocktails

14 Boozy Summer Cocktails {}

14 Boozy Summer Cocktails {}

Maaaaan, listen. It’s March. Summer is just around the corner. Ladies – I KNOW you’re working hard to get that bikini body; getting those abs nice and tight. Men, you’re bench pressing your weight in dumbbells (or barbells? I don’t lift); for the guns… We’re all doing squats in place; traveling from place to place in walking lunges. We’re ABOUT this fitness life right now.
Give me a High Five, homeslice.
You’re doing your thang, boo.
Soon (soon!) the smoky scent of a charcoal briquette will permeate your air spaces. And with that smoked brisket or those spare ribs slathered in barbecue sauce, you’re gonna drink. We drink over the summer. It’s what we do. Summer is Lush Cit-ay. I’m here to help, boo. I like to lush it up during the summer months. Here are 14 of my favorite boozy situations to embrace your inner lush this summer. You have exactly 14 weeks to learn the ins and outs of these cocktails.
Now in the words of Tone Loc – Let’s do it!
 Cuba Libre is the Quintessential Summer Cocktail. It’s not a rum and coke. It’s a movement. Get the recipe here.

Cuba Libre

Do you love blueberries? How ‘bout limes? Tequila? You like smashing? I got you, boo. THIS Blueberry Lime Smash. Get the recipe here.

Blueberry Lime Smash

Summer is all about drinking lots of liquids, keeping hydrated. This Watermelon Agua Fresca Rum Cocktail keeps it light yet boozy. Get the recipe here.

Watermelon Agua Fresca Rum Cocktail

Can I get some Holla Hands for Summer? Can I get some Holla Hands for this Guava Lime Rum Cocktail? Get the recipe here.

Guava Lime Rum Cocktail

This Cherry Berry Sangria get fruity all up in your areas; for that crowd of waiting and eager summer lushes. Get the recipe here.

Cherry Berry Sangria

Some like it hot. You like it hot? You like it with tequila? Then you’ll love this Jalapeño Lime Tequila Cocktail. Get the recipe here.

Jalapeño Lime Cocktail

This Orange Mint Cocktail is not only refreshing, but packs a tequila punch in the face. You need to be about that life. Get the recipe here.

Orange Mint Tequila Smash

Summer is all about mojitos. Let’s keep this situation tropical with this pineapple coconut version. Get the recipe here.

Pineapple Mojito

Let’s be real. Your next barbecue WILL feature a margarita or two. Make this Citrus Margarita Mix in advance and have time to mingle with your peeps. Get the recipe here.

Citrus Margarita Mix

You’re gonna need mangoes and fire salt for that fancy rooftop party of yours. This Mango Vulcan Cocktail needs to be in your repertoire. Get the recipe here.

Mango Vulcan

Nothing beats a classic. This Lemon Lime Rum Cocktail is the sophisticated version of the good ol’ Puerto Rican rum and 7UP. Get the recipe here.


Guava, strawberries, and good old fashion rum make a bangin’ Guava-berry Cocktail.  Get the recipe here.

Guavaberry Cocktail

Hot damn, hot damn. Coconut, limes, and mint. Together. If Coco Mojitos don’t just SCREAM summer, I don’t know what will! Get the recipe here.

Coco Mojito

Paloma is bird in spanich. This Citrus Paloma will have you flying in the warm summer breeze in no time! Get the recipe here.

Citrus Paloma {}

Did you know grenadine is made from pomegranates? Did you know you can make it yourself? Go on, get the recipe here.

DIY Grenadine Syrup

Get your cocktail shakers ready people. Summer is about to get real. Real boozy.

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