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Caramel Apple Pie Sangria

Crisp, with notes of apples, warm spices and a hint of caramel – This Caramel Apple Pie Sangria not only tastes like pie, is a must this holiday season!!!


“I’m a member of the Kraft Tastemakers — A community of kitchen aficionados contributing my recipes and stories to Kraft compensates me for my time and provides me with materials to make the lovely dishes you see. My stories, my opinions and my tastes are forever my own!” 

I won’t keep you too long. You have sales to peruse and wallets to empty.

Cyber Monday is to be spent at Toys r Us, Amazon, Target Best Buy, or Sears. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.


This Caramel Apple Pie Sangria, yo. I developed this for Kraft a while ago and to be honest I should have posted it in time for Thanksgiving. I forgot. I was getting the house spruced up, cooking up something close to a hurricane, and (humble brag) I was doing a food segment on a Hyper Local News Channel.


I apologize, as this sangria was all but forgotten in the hustle and flow of it all. Anyway, flow with me – Let me rap about this one.


This Caramel Apple Pie Sangria is the shiiiiieeeet. It begins with a crisp Apple cider. I suggest you purchase the perishable kind and not the kind sitting on supermarket shelves since 2014. Go to the refrigerated section and grab it. This sangria has to taste so fresh and so clean, clean. Chop some apples. I like Galas because they are crisp and beautiful and red. Add some warm fall spices – Cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger. Oh, and a cinnamon stick. Just ’cause.


And now comes the good part. Dulce De Leche. Uh, yeah… This situation is nothing without it. Don’t skip it, boo; otherwise you cannot properly call this a Caramel Apple Pie Sangria. You add a  bottle of white wine and some spiced rum. And voila, carajo – Sangria!!! That tastes like Apple pie with a warm, spicy kick of booze to warm you innards.

I suggest you make it now and have it when you’ve clicked, clicked, clicked your way to a wallet so empty you’ll be eating ramen for the next six days.

I’m going to leave this link to the post and recipe right here. Click on over to Kraft’s website and peep the recipe for this situation.


Happy Cyber shopping!

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