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Guava Lime Rum Cocktail

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Fall to me is like the hook to Rebirth of Slick…

Cool like ‘dat.

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Scarf blowing in the fall breeze, calf high boots stepping on falling leaves.  The hot swelter of summer, almost forgotten as I take  a whiff of cool crisp air. Fall feels new; and though its the end of green tipped trees and flowers bloom, it feels new.

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Fall is the beginning of comfort, of sweaters and the constant phrase, “Cuddle up!”. Fall is the time I trade in my salad fork for deep spoons  which I eagerly dip into hearty stews. It is the time I experiment full blast in my kitchen, a kitchen whose oven seldom goes below 325 degrees.

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Fall is my favorite season, my favorite of the four.

HOWEVER, these days we go through seasons with the speed of a NASCAR racer. We don’t properly acclimate when – BAM – Next season springs up on you. I was thoroughly enjoying fall when suddenly the temperature dipped to below 30 degrees. I’m like, hold up – This is NOT what I signed up for!

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And it isn’t. The temperature is supposed to gradually fall until we reach winter-ish proportions. It is NOT SUPPOSED to downward spiral towards a windchill of 15 degrees following a nice 60 degree day. I don’t enjoy it one bit, Mother Nature. My mind needs to ease into it; otherwise it goes into this mind hibernation situation and begins to dream and long for warmer days.

Which reminds me…


Flow with me…

So I was eating at this Cuban-ish restaurant a few weeks ago when I spotted caipirinhas on the menu. Caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil, made with cachaça {kah/shah/sah}, a sugar cane hard liquor, lime and sugar. Why were they serving caipirinhas in a Cuban restaurant? I’ll never know. I however, was not questioning or complaining. This caipirinha was not traditional as it had guava nectar. I love guava. In paste, nectar, juice, or fruit – I am one guava lovin’ fool. And in a cocktail? Shoot – You don’t have to tell me twice. I ordered, chugged, and 20 minutes later I was knocked on my ass, the true mark of a good drink.

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I went home with the intention of recreating it. The problem: I live in the hood. No one in the hood sells cachaça. I went to  hoods in distant places. Nothing. So I used the next best thing – Dark Brugal rum – Dominican rum. El ron de mi tierra. I didn’t notice the difference in flavor, though Brugal is a dark rum. You can use Bacardi white for this, which runs clear and is a light bodied rum. I just like my Dominican shiz.

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The flavor of this cocktail is stellar – smooth – cool like ‘dat. It comes together is minutes. Minutes! Then you’re free to have that DRANK’! I swear, you will dig that burst of flavor – Tart from the lime, sweet from guava nectar and sugar.

Destined to make you go spastic.

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As the temperature keeps dipping, allow your mind to enter a state of hibernation; hibernating to the taste of the tropics and sunscreen days. Out of this cold ass chill in your bones.

Take a trip…

We out…

We out…

We out…


Guava Lime Rum Cocktail


  • Half of 1 lime sliced
  • 1 heaping Tablespoon Granulated sugar
  • 1.5 oz 3 Tablespoons rum Light or Dark Rum (I used Brugal)
  • 4 ounces half a cup Cold guava nectar
  • Ice
  • Lime slices for garnish optional


  • To a martini shaker add 3 lime slices and top with sugar. Muddle until the sugar is completely moistened by the lime juice. If you don't own a muddler, that's OK - You can use the handle of a wooden spoon to mash the sugar and lime.
  • Add rum, guava nectar, and a couple of ice cubes to the sugar syrup/lime mixture. Close the martini shaker and give it a nice shake for about 15 seconds or so to combine. Pour into a 6 oz glass and garnish with a lime slice if you're feeling all fancy.
  • Makes 1 drink, which can be easily doubled or triple. Make a pitcher! Ooh - Make a pitcher of this thing and invite me over!

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