Winter Marshmallow Tings (a round up)

Cold winter nights call for hot chocolate and boozy marshmallows. Here’s a round up of my very favorites!

Strolling into this space to the tune of – Return of the Mack

Christmas came and it went. You did your part in spurring the economy by making your hard earned cash rain on Amazon or whatever. Presents have been opened, and you’re already bored with your new toys.

Now what?

We make boozy marshmallows, sit on our comfy couches with mugs of hot chocolate, and try to complete this Black Mirror Bandersnatch interactive.

First up are these Bailey’s Irish Cream Marshmallows. Whew, child. These marshmallows are everything. They pack a punch of Bailey’s Irish cream with a hint of cocoa and pair perfectly with a spiced hot chocolate.

Next are these Spiced Buttered Rum Marshmallows. I attended a marshmallow demo many, many years ago where we were told fat deflated marshmallows. It was true, somewhat. That is until you add fat in teeny increments. This is by far my favorite marshmallow. They are spiced with cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg. A healthy dose of rum, and drizzled with butter. Oh, that delicious butter.

If you find that winter came way too soon for your liking and would like to enjoy fall flavors a bit longer, these Pumpkin Bourbon Marshmallows are perfect. Fall spices, pumpkin puree, and bourbon. You can’t beat that.

Navidad isn’t complete without Coquito, and floating these Coquito Marshmallows in a hot mug of hot cocoa will change your life. Boozy, coconutty, and perfectly spiced.

These marshmallows will make your Navidad special for sure.

Um… that’s it.

Happy New Year, ya’ll!!

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