Cake! All up in your areas!

The vendor of the fruit stand I frequent called me a whore in his native language this morning. He handed me a bag of newly purchased fruit, took my cash,  smiled at me and said it.

Whoa, right?

I hadn’t fully comprehended the word until I was almost a block away. I stopped, and thought, “Homie doesn’t even know me, and he just called me a ho!?” I thought about getting angry. I thought about confronting him. I thought of yelling obscenities in my native language. See how he likes it.

But I did none of those things.

Instead I let it slide, because if you’re calling someone a whore, in a language you think the other person doesn’t understand with a smile on his face, you are not only a coward, but you have major problems. I at least have the decency to insult you in a language we can both understand. If for no other reason than to open up a dialog.

So on the wake of being called a “Ho” in a whole ‘nother language, I’m going to shove my favorite cakes in your faces. Because today I don’t really feel like fruit unless it’s got frosting or a glaze in it.


Peep these Tres leche cupcakes with coconut whipped cream. I love any and all tres leche cakes, but this one has a lightly spiced base drowned in three milks and then topped with a light as air coconut whipped cream. Whaaat? I know…

Put the lime in the coconut, baby. This coconut lime pound cake is where its at. Where what is at? Everything… Just trust me on this one.



Savor the last remnants of fall with this Apple Butter swirl spice cake. This cake is heavily spiced and swirled with homemade apple butter. The apple swirl on top tastes ever so slightly like caramel. This is how I make my friends now.

Winter is getting close. Oh, take off that tank top! You are going to get frostbite!

How about some winter love with these Carrot Orange cupcakes? Think about it – Citrus carrot cake and a vanilla orange cream cheese frosting that tastes JUST LIKE a creamsicle? Win.

5. And finally a cake with a surprise of the bestest kind. This molten chocolate cake has a surprise peanut butter filling in the center. Imagine it – Oozy melty chocolate and… Surprise! There’s a little peanut butter somethin’ somethin’ just waiting for you….

Heaven, yo.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I am in the market for a new fruit vendor. Have to spend my lunch hour getting my search on.




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