Manic Monday!

Manic Monday (1)

Happy Monday!!

How was your Thanksgiving? Are you STILL trying to make a dent in those leftovers? Are you repurposing left and right? How many sandwiches have you eaten? Be honest… You had one standing on the Black Friday shopping line.

Hey, listen – I don’t judge.

Let’s kick this Monday off with Michael Jackson’s Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’. I’ll explain why in a bit.

By the way, what the hell does Ma Ma Se Ma Ma Sa Ma Ma Coo Sa EVEN MEAN?!?

Do we care? I don’t care. Why? Because. This song is fist pump provoking, frenzy inducing, and totally jam-tastic. Let’s give MJ posthumous props.


Alright, if you’re a food blogger or any type of blogger nasty comments from time to time come with the territory right? For whatever reason people feel the need to make their opinions known, hiding behind their screens, trying to hurt a sista’s feelings. And I say try because it’s really hard to hurt my feelings when you’re a stranger. But you know free speech and shit. I can dig it. I had yet to receive a nasty comment on my blog and I was starting to wonder. That is until last week. And now I feel like I made it as a blogger. Someone took the time to read through one of my posts and state the following:

“You refer to your child as a mofo? That is disgusting.”

Why, yes – I refer to my family, friends, and co-workers as MOFOS. It’s an acronym I came up with which allows me to barge in, Kramer style into ANY room and yell:


    What’s funny is no one in my life MINDS this. They like it. They laugh. They know I’m not calling them motherfuckers.

    So, nasty commenter who doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall yet felt the need to call me disgusting – Allow me to break down the MOFOS acronym.







    ‘Cause they rock.






    Seven (or Sixteen or Second – The floors we occupy at work)

    ‘Cause I can.





    On (or Of)

    S (whichever word I can come up with on the spot with the letter “S”)

    Salsa Class






    So dear commenter – Put away your judgy stick and lay down that self-righteous bat. Back away slowly. This is a safe as hell environment.

    It is. Be cool.

    Anyway, Thanksgiving came and went. Guess what I’m still eating?


    I’ve been digging into these cubano sandwiches made with leftover pernil (pork shoulder). The recipe (if we can call it that) is coming this week. Stay tuned.

    Cubanos {}

    This past Saturday I decorated a cake. My cousin celebrated her son’s first birthday and the theme was the Peanuts Gang. It was the cutest thing ever. She asked for a topsy turvy cake depicting Charlie Brown’s polo shirt.

    Peanuts Gang Cake {}

    It was my first topsy turvy and I must say it wasn’t half bad. I learned a lot about support structure and can’t wait to make another one. Christmas, maybe? Hmm…

    Peanuts Gang Cake {}

    I’m getting my holiday booze situation together and am currently fixated with this blackberry beet agave negro. It’s superb. I made a beet simple syrup that will knock your fluffy holiday socks off. Don’t even question it. Buy your beets and blackberries. Hit the liquor store for reposado tequila. It’s about to go down this Friday.

    Blackberry Beet Agave Negro {}

    It’s about to get cookie-li-cious here soon – Like seriously cookie-li-cious and I’m open to suggestion.  Don’t let me get all cookie-li-cious by myself. That’s dangerous. Let’s discuss this on The Twitter and The Facebook.

    Have a happy week, peeps – and as always – Thank you for reading my crazy!

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