Manic Mondays!!

Manic Monday

Hey ya’ll and thanks for returning to Manic Mondays, the soundtrack that is my Monday life. Roll with me as I spill my crazy all over this piece.

But first: The song of the day. It’s LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out. Because. Young LL Cool J. Play it.

Are you gearing up for Thanksgiving? I’m totally digging Thanksgiving this year. In a couple of days I’ll be marinating my pork situation. Can you tell I’m excited about eating pork? It’s my jam.

Question: Are you shopping on Black Friday? I’ve never shopped on Black Friday. I’m a Cyber Monday chick; however, I am super curious about the whole frenzied shopping thing.

If you shop on Black Friday, I’d like to know: Do you wear special sneakers? Like sneakers with mega traction? Cleats? Have you slapped someone over a scarf? A barbie? An Elsa doll? A PS4? A tickle me Elmo (you remember that?) Was it worth it? The sales, I mean – Not getting slapped. Unless that’s your thing, in which case – I don’t judge. I’m a live and let live kinda chick. Have you gotten arrested? I SOOO want to know.

Anyway, something exciting happened to me last week:  My first TV demo! It was on hyper local news, but still – I was on TV!! Well… I WILL be on TV this Sunday on a feature called Food For Thought. I had loads of fun. I was mega nervous and I actually said something which could be considered dangerous without thinking. So in short… I was totally myself. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you when it airs. Here’s a picture of me and Natasha Geigel who hosts the Food For Thought feature. Isn’t she cute? She really is THAT tiny.


I have no new content to show this week (boo!). It’s been tough working within these damn light constraints. I tried using artificial light and it was a bust, so pardon me while I distract you with these DIY cinnamon chips.

DIY - Cinnamon Chips {}

Have you made your own cinnamon chips yet? What are you waiting for? You can make this delicious cinnamon crumb cake for breakfast. It’s totally acceptable to eat crumb cake in the morning.

Cinnamon Crumb Cake {}

I’m trying to live right so I’ve been guzzling this beet, orange, carrot, and banana smoothie situation like it’s my J.O.B. It’s a nutrition powerhouse.

Beet, Orange, Carrot, and Banana Smoothie {Mind Over Batter}

My heart though, my heart REALLY wants this molten chocolate cake with dulce de leche.

Molten Chocolate Cake with Dulce de Leche Filling {}

I have to ignore my heart for a bit; she’s a Bitch Baby (BEST.LINE.ON.SCANDAL.EVER!). My waist size is at an unhealthy level and the last thing I want to do is drop dead and shit. I want to reach old age. The type of old age which seems senile (because I WILL be wearing a white afro wig and rolling with a balls of yarn), but is totally sharp in the brains. I’m going to sooo mess with my kids and grandkids. It’s how I roll now. Why change?

You do you, though – Treat yo’ self to this molten situation.

But not before a dinner of Lemon Basil Chicken Thighs cooked by a gangster. Not me, Henry Hill. Not Henry Hill, but the Henry Hill Cookbook.  Because. Goodfellas yo. Be gangster.

Basil Lemon Chicken Thighs {}

Anyway, that is all. Happy week!

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