Manic Monday!

Manic Monday (1)

Welcome to another  Manic Monday ya’ll!! How was your weekend? I’ve been baking my little heart out and have started on a slew of DIY gifts for my family and friends. Are you a DIYer? Tell me you’re a DIYer. I can’t be the only one whipping out the glue gun and the Modge Podge!

What’s your favorite Homemade gift this time of year?

Do you go edible?

Non edible?

A sista’ needs to know these things!

Is it too early for Christmas carols? It’s never too early! It’s December! Let’s get Chrisma-li-cious. That’s totally a word, by the way.

I am pairing with a slew of talented food bloggers next week to bring you a plethora of holiday baked goodies.

But first, let’s break out into Sleigh Ride by the Ronettes:

I dig that song so much.

So the hyper local news segment I was featured in aired. I haven’t watched it; mostly because doing it was crazy enough. Plus I find my voice hyper annoying. I’m leaving you the link and YOU can watch me make a fool out of myself. It’s on mason jar salads.

You can find the link here

    So what’s coming up this week?

    Glad you asked homeslice…

    You know me and my cocktails, right? Well, this Pear Rosemary Spice Rum cocktail has me doing happiness back flips. Ain’t it purty?

    Pear Rosemary Spice Rum cocktail

    I made rosemary simple syrup with cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. With a pear puree and nice spiced rum, this cocktail is like fall and the holidays merged then had super babies.

    This Cranberry Orange Banana bread gives me the feels every single time I bake it. It is moist, tart, and citrusy. Ya’ll need the feels too.

    Cranberry Orange Banana Bread

    So there you have it. Thank you for reading my crazy!

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