The June Cleaver Experiment…

You remember June Cleaver, dont you? What, you don’t? Come on – Everyone remembers The Beaver’s mom!

Follow me on this short journey down TV’s memory lane…

June Cleaver was the quintessential doting wife and mother of the 1950’s.  Ladylike in demeanor, she sported a perfectly coiffed “do”, dress, and pumps even while frosting cake in her immaculate kitchen. She was dressed to the hilt, even on a Tuesday – And I’m willing to bet June woke up well before Ward to make sure he never saw her without makeup.

*Sigh*… Oh how I wish I were June Cleaver sometimes; but the demands of modern day living no longer lend themselves to the June Cleaver types.  Since I’m not a stay at home wife, my house is FAR from immaculate. I’ve been seen MANY times without my makeup, and as for my “do”…  I’m known to resemble the Bride of Frankenstein some mornings.

Alas, I still try to channel my inner June Cleaver – Quite often, in fact.  I am, of course not perfect, but life certainly revolves around my home – Especially my kitchen. I’m usually found behind the counter sporting an apron and a furrowed brow, contemplating dinner and dessert for my clan. I mean, I don’t get to frost a cake every night, but if I prepare certain components ahead of time I can have dessert for my crew in about 30 mins.

Shocked? Don’t be! You can make dessert in a short amount of time, trust me  – If I can do it, anyone can – And I don’t mean the type of dessert that comes out of a box. I mean you can have molten chocolate cake or pie for dessert.

Oh my, did I shock you AGAIN?

Ok, here’s the deal – From time to time I’ll throw in entries dedicated to channeling your inner June Cleaver with desserts that seem like you slaved hours in the kitchen.

Pumps and perfectly coiffed “do” optional.

I guarantee you will love me and cheer my name. You will wear an “I HEART M.O.B.” foam finger in my honor! You will… Oh, I don’t know… (Insert public display of adoration here).

I intend to make it worth your while – And throw some fun in for good measure (pun intended).

And how will your husband feel about this? Well, let’s just say there may be some newly purchased items in your future.

Perhaps a new pair of pumps ;-)…



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