Frozen Vietnamese Coffee

Cold brew coffee and sweetened condensed milk are  frozen into perfect little ice cubes!

Song giving me life Bootsy Collins – I’d rather be with you

I watch Castaway with Tom Hanks every time it’s on. I watch it for one reason only. The part where he’s stateside after he was rescued.

Spoiler alert!

Do you remember the scene where they’re throwing ‘recently arrived stateside’ Chuck Noland a welcome party in his hotel room? Everyone leaves and Tom Hanks is left with the vestiges of a buffet half full of… Seafood?

This is where I yell at the TV (every.single.time).




Why are people like this?!

Don’t you think Chuck Noland would have enjoyed a nice medium/rare cheeseburger?

A nice t-bone steak?

Some carnitas?

A burrito?

A whole ass lamb on a spit?!

The LAST thing Chuck Noland wanted was giant crab leg. I am almost certain of it.

I’m telling you-all right the hell now – If I am stranded on an island for years and I make it stateside, y’all better have two buckets of ice and iced cold brew coffee ready.

Now flow with me, let’s talk about these Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cubes. Vietnamese coffee is one of my favorite coffee drinks.

How does one make this miracle?

Glad you asked, homie.

A few tablespoons of condensed milk are added to a large coffee cup and the coffee is brewed in a Vietnamese drip filter placed directly over the cup.  You mix, add ice – And drink.

Instead of using the Vietnamese drip method, I made these ice cubes using cold brew coffee. I love Café Dumonde with added chicory. The complexity chicory adds is everything. You can make cold brew your way, or use my method here.

Once the cold brew is ready, you add condensed milk to taste and pour into an ice tray. Silicone ice cube trays are best here. Pay a little extra. They last forever.

Once my ice cubes are ready I pour a couple of these frozen delights in a mason jar. I like to add milk to the mix. I shower and half-ass my chores. It’s morning. Don’t judge me. When I come back, my coffee is ready.  And because this coffee is so strong and sweet you will see at least 20 minutes into the future. I suppose this would prevent a Castaway situation, seeing that far out.

In the event it doesn’t, I’m letting y’all know…

A bucket of ice.

These Vietnamese coffee ice cubes.

Don’t come with seafood.

I will throw a crab leg at a mofo.

Frozen Vietnamese Coffee


  • 1 3/4 cup Cold brew coffee concentrate
  • 1/4 cup Sweetened condensed milk


  • Combine cold brew concentrate and sweetened condensed in a large measuring cup. Stir until combined and taste.  If you prefer sweeter coffee, add condensed milk one tablespoon at a time until you have reached desired level of sweetness. Pour the mixture into silicone ice cube trays and place in the freezer until frozen. Um... That's it. When you're ready to serve, place one or two ice cubes in a glass, pour milk, and walk away. Allow the ice to melt slowly. Drink.

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