Room temperature eggs in 5 Minutes!

Gone are the days of waiting hours (or even all day!) for room temperature eggs! Let me show you how!

Room Temperature Eggs in 5 minutes with this easy tip!

So you want to bake a cake. Your butter has been slowly coming to room temperature on your counter. It’s ready. Your flour, spooned and measured. You’ve dipped your measuring cups in two different sugars. Vanilla extract is on point. Cocoa powder, on and poppin’.
But wait! Where are your eggs?
Ah, you left them in the fridge. They’re still ice cold and the recipe says ‘room temperature’.
What do you do?
Room temperature eggs in 5 Minutes!

‘Member that time they exploded and you had to spend 20 minutes cleaning egg guts from the microwave?
You don’t want that. It wasn’t pretty.
Do you wait?
That could take HOURS!
And today nothing, nothing should take away from your planned marathon cake eating. You have a special spoon and everything.
You’re still eating your feelings over The Walking Dead season finale.
Seriously… Who died?
Does anyone know?
Room temperature eggs in 5 Minutes! {}
Don’t worry, I got you boo!
We can get your eggs to room temperature in five minutes.
All you need is love.
Nah. I’m kidding, but it helps. All you need is warm water and a vessel to put both in.
There is one rule to this game, which you must adhere to.
The water must be warm to the touch, but not scalding. If you burn a finger, you’ve gone too far. Tap water from the sink is fine. Hot water could cook your eggs and that defeats the whole “room temperature eggs in five minutes” purpose.
Room temperature eggs in 5 Minutes! {}
Trust me. It works.
Armed with the new knowledge I kicked into your brain nads, go bake yourself a cake!
Any cake!
Like this situation right here.

10-Layer Chocolate Caramel Mousse Cake {}

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