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Chile de árbol Infused Vodka

Infused for about a week with dried Chiles de árbol, this super spicy vodka is perfect boozy base for a nice Sunday Bloody Mary!
Chile de árbol Infused Vodka --
I feel like it’s time to elevate my cocktail game. I’ve been slacking on my booze, which is strange because, by all accounts, I ought to be barrel deep in vodka. Just swimming in tequila. Gargling rum after my post-meal tooth brushing.  Yet I’m not. I’m taking the hits of the universe stone-cold sober.


hot vodka7Chile de árbol Infused Vodka --

I’m so sober.

Chile de árbol Infused Vodka --

Let’s imbibe a little. We’re not getting drunk.


Just a little tipsy.

Now flow with me, let’s talk about this Chile de Arbol infused vodka.

hot vodka3Chile de árbol Infused Vodka --

What do we know about Chile de Arbol? It’s a small pepper, measuring about 2-3 inches long. It starts out green and turns a vivid red as it matures. You can find it fresh or dried.  Let’s talk about heat. Chile de Arbol is as hot as Cayenne, measuring around 10,000 – 30,000 on the Scoville scale. Basically, they’re as hot as Tobasco sauce. Not super-hot, just a nice spicy kick. Dig?

Chile de árbol Infused Vodka --

I found dried Chile de Arbol in my local supermarket and immediately thought vodka. This infusion is very straightforward – Two ingredients: Chile de Arbol and vodka infused for at least a week. You shake it once a day. It will make you feel accomplished like you’re contributing to the infusion. But you’re not. Not really. The chiles release their spicy goodness and color into the vodka whether you shake it or not.

Chile de árbol Infused Vodka --

This spicy vodka is best in Bloody Marys or any savory cocktails. There’s a lot of playing to be done with this mildly spicy vodka.

Try it.

Let’s talk cocktails in a week.

Chile de árbol Infused Vodka

Infused with dried Chiles de árbol, this spicy vodka is perfect for a Bloody Mary!


  • 1 cup Chile de árbol
  • Enough vodka to fill a 12 ounce jar


  • Add the Chiles de árbol to a 12 ounce mason jar. Fill the jar with vodka. Cover the jar and store in a dark place, shaking daily for about a week. Strain the chiles, squeezing to extract as much vodka as you can. Discard the chiles and store the infused vodka in a mason jar until ready to use.

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